Be the ONE

Have you seen a movie the One? Look at the webpage to know more about it. It’s about the ONE which is the original in the world(including parallel world). If you kill the other YOU in parallel world, you can be the ONE with unlimited power.(something like this. not sure:p)

what I want to say is you don’t have to kill anyone to become one. the definition of the ONE here is the top of YOU.

Ok. search your name on Google. You will find many people who has the same name as yours. The ONE means get the first position of search result. That means the name is yours. You are the best one who has the name.

The best result would be your blog,your SNS homepage or any other famous website. If the first position page blongs to someone else but your name(indicate you) is there, its difficult.

In result of my name, I’m on 3rd result but it’s not my own website. My highest own website is 20th. (in Japanese). In English, I’m on 12nd.

Get this tumblr to first position:)